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Hold On! We do things differently here. Take a few minutes and discover exactly what it is we do for you that others can't or won't. Because what we do is what you need and it will work for you... 

If You're Struggling To Make Money?

If You're Overwhelmed or Have Information Overload?

If You're Tired of Trying But Never Getting Results?

If You're Fed Up With Running in Circles and Never Getting Anywhere?

If You Want Your Business Built For You At a Price That is Easily Affordable?

If You're Ready To Take Action and Get Results?

Then read this page today--Not tomorrow or next week, read it now and make today the day your fortune takes a turn for the best...

My name is Darryl Graham and let me tell you right up front that it doesn't matter what you've done in the past with online marketing or what kind of results you've had or what your experience level is.

What does matter is that you're here and you're ready to take positive action to get your business moving forward, making money and sticking with it.

As long as you have a legal product, program or service to sell--NO hate, racist, gambling, porn, pyramid, terror or some other junk site--then what I'm about to tell you will work for you.

Whether you're involved in: MLM, Affiliate Marketing, Give Away Site, List Building, Niche Products, Income Opportunities, Traditional Business or any other legal business, you must advertise or your business dies.

You don't need mentoring.  You don't need more e-books to read.  You don't need more training.  You don't need to try and figure out the Internet maze.  What you need is the same as any company and that is Advertising.

There is no secret to working online like the so called Guru's are trying to tell you.  You have a website and you promote it.  That's it and that is all you need to do.


Introducing the 12SC I CAN. This service
will revolutionize the way people work online and make it easy for those
involved to make money.

Today Can Be Your Best Day Ever Online
And Today Is The Day You Take Control Of
The Internet Monster And Secure Your Future!

Yes, You Need To Read This Page.
Yes, It Will Work For You! 
Yes, It's Very Affordable!
Yes, It's Extremely Easy!

With the 12SC I CAN:
There is Nothing for you to learn.
There is Nothing for you to sell.
You simply give us the URL you want to promote and we do the rest!

This offer is extremely limited, so take action Today!!!

With the 12SC I CAN--You Can Succeed Online.

It will only take a few minutes to read this page and learn the following:

  Why people fail online
What we're going to do for you
Why we're doing it
How this will help you
The price of the 12SC I CAN program
How the 12SC I CAN program works
What you can expect
Give you detailed instructions on what you need to do
Additional Information

Are You Ready? Let's Start With:

The reason most people fail online is not because they don't try or because they're not smart enough to succeed.  The number one reason most people fail online is lack of advertising. 

I had a guy call me the other day and was wondering why he was not making money when he had over 200 hits to his page in the last 3 months.  200 hits is a very small and insignificant number--especially when you spread those out over 90+ days. That's barely 2 hits a day!

He was not stupid, he was overwhelmed and under educated on advertising and the ways to build a business and while 200 hits in 90 days sounded like a lot to him, in the grand scheme of the Internet that's just a drop of water in the ocean.

Advertising is what it takes to succeed online or offline and this will never change.  Why do all successful companies continue advertising even though they may be leaders in their fields?  Because they want to grow their business. No advertising--No success. It's that simple.

Advertising demands more than placing a link at a Traffic Exchange or posting a banner someplace.  Advertising means you are constantly placing ads for your business--every day and every place you can.

The problem is that many people cannot afford to advertise heavily and/or they don't know where to advertise and/or they don't have time to advertise.

That was then and this is now and with the 12SC I CAN there are absolutely no excuses to not advertise your business because with the 12SC I CAN we do it for you and now let me tell you what we're going to do for you.

With the 12SC I CAN we will do the advertising for you and not just a little advertising in one place, we will be doing massive advertising in a lot of different places to a lot of different people so you are going to get a lot of exposure for your business and this is the key to succeeding in business because the more exposure you get, the more money you're going to make. Remember, No advertising--No success!

The bottom line is you will get more and better advertising with the 12SC I CAN than you would ever be able to get on your own.  We have been in business since 1999 and we know where to advertise and how to advertise.  You're reading this, so you know our ads work.

We will have what is called high-power advertising co-ops for our clients and this simply means that by combining the resources of many, we will be able to purchase more advertising than any one person could ever buy without spending hundreds of dollars a month--Don't worry, the 12SC I CAN will not cost hundreds per month--but if you delay in signing up today, the cost will be triple very soon...

We know people are struggling to make their online business successful. People get involved with something and they face the "now what" syndrome.  They are told to advertise, but where, how, when and why are all left out and there are so many junk advertising services on the Internet, even when they do advertise they waste money on places that don't work.

Google is not the answer.  Facebook is not the answer.  Twitter is not the answer.  Safelists are not the answer.  Traffic Exchanges are not the answer.  Banner ads are not the answer.  Articles are not the answer.  Press Releases are not the answer.  Solo Ads are not the answer.  Buying traffic is not the answer.  FFA's are not the answer.  Classified Ads are not the answer.  Bulk Email is not the answer.  Newspapers are not the answer.  Blogging is not the answer.  PPC is not the answer.  SEO is not the answer.  Social Media is not the answer.

None of the above alone is the answer to advertising your business, however putting all these together and doing it consistently every day, every week, every month IS THE ANSWER!

We know that with just a little help, people can see positive results with their business.  Advertising is not something you can learn in a week or month or year and since we have been advertising online since 1999, we know a little something about it and we know we can help those who are serious and sincere and will stick with us.

Many people try advertising services or they buy their own ads and the results are either poor or not what they expected so most quit advertising thinking it does not work.  Advertising does work when you do it right, but you don't have to spend a fortune or spend weeks and months learning to do it right.  You just need the 12SC I CAN service to help you.  This brings us to "how this will help you".

The 12SC I CAN service will help you in many ways but mainly it will help you get the online traffic you need to produce results in promoting your opportunity, service or product or program.

Imagine how easy things will be for you when you don't have to worry about advertising or building your business alone any longer.  You simply give us the link you want to promote and we do the rest. Yes, it really is that simple.

In addition to the advertising we do for you, we also give you a lot more because you will get a full account in the 12SC Online Marketing System which will give you access to every online tool and resource to help manage your growing business.  Tools such as your own Autoresponder, Ad Tracker, URL Rotator, Capture Page Creator, Contact Manager and more.

While we take care of getting your business exposure, sign ups and sales, you can use the tools and resources in 12SC to simplify things even more and be ready as your business grows.

And, since we're doing the most important part and the hardest part of online business building for you (the advertising),  you have more time for other things like spending time doing what you love or with people you want to enjoy life with.

I know that working online from home has provided me the opportunity to spend a lot of time with my son and this is time I would not trade for anything.

With the 12SC I CAN program, you'll get what you need and you'll save money and your cost to get involved with this new and revolutionary program will come back to you thousands of times over.  So just what is the cost?  Let's get to that right now.

The total cost of the 12SC I CAN is only $14 a month.  No fine print, nothing else to buy and you will get a completely automated service that will build any legal business you're involved with.  Remember, no hate, porn, terror, pyramid or any site that promotes anything illegal.

You're not locked into anything, you can quit anytime you want and there are no setup or cancellation fees.  We've kept the price affordable so you can get in and secure your place now without breaking the bank.

ONLY $14 a month will put your business on auto-pilot and this is exactly what you need to take the stress off working online.  You need advertising and you'll get it.  You need online tools and resources to manage your growing business and you'll get them.

Yes, we're taking a hit right now, but in business, you have to give to get, so by us giving you the pre-launch 12SC I CAN service and you getting positive results, by the time we launch the actual, we will have a track record of helping people and this will make it easy for us to sell the 12SC I CAN service at $42 a month and more.

So you get both 12SC and the 12SC I CAN service for only $14 a month because while we are building the actual site, we are already doing the advertising portion of the service and our rotators are already working for our current clients--Just like they will start working for you.   

Yeah, I know everyone is telling you that you can make money for free and you can advertise for free and you never have to spend a dime to make millions.  If you believe that crap there is no sense in reading any further and you can keep on doing what you're doing. 

Free advertising is a waste of time because you'll spend hours searching for free advertising services and posting at free advertising sites, reading emails and clicking links and all you get for your effort is a bunch of freebie chasers who will never buy anything online. 

We will charge $42 a month for the 12SC I CAN service that we are giving you today, but you can lock in your $14 a month rate for as long as you stay and get both 12SC and the 12SC I CAN.

Invest $14 a month and get consistent and quality advertising for your business because 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year our co-op will be working for you.

The co-op never stops advertising for our clients and this means that for less than 2 cents an hour, your business will be promoted for you and seen by people who will spend money.

And now let me tell you how it works.


The 12SC I CAN program currently works in conjunction with our 12SC main site12SC is an online tool and resource center that gives you access to all the tools and resources you need to run any legal business online.

The cost for 12SC is only $14 a month and this is what you'll be signing up for.  For a very limited time, we are including the 12SC I CAN service with all upgrades in 12SC.

It would cost you several hundred dollars a month to get the exposure you'll get from our co-op for only $14 a month and with us, all you do is give us the link you want to promote and we do the rest.

With the 12SC I CAN, you don't have to write any ads, you don't have to spend time searching for advertising or wasting your life at Traffic Exchanges.  You will NEVER get any emails from us to buy anything extra.  You don't have to sweat any details.  Just give us the link you want promoted and we do the rest...

You can use a capture page, a sales page, squeeze page or any other type of webpage you want people to see.  We recommend you use an ad-tracking link so you can monitor results and since you get one of the best ad trackers online with your 12SC account, you're already covered there as well.

If you already have an ad tracker and want to use it, that is fine too.

It's that simple and it's that complete.  We know we can get the traffic and prospects you need and we know you'll see the results of our efforts but we also don't want people coming in with unrealistic expectations so let me tell you what you can expect.

First of all, don't expect miracles and don't expect to retire next week or next month.  You're building a business and that's not going to happen overnight, but it will happen if you join us now.

With the 12SC I CAN program, you will get results but you need to be realistic.  Your site will go live in our co-op within about 48 hours of us getting your link and from that day forward you'll get consistent advertising and you'll get traffic and prospects and that is what you need for your business.

If you have not clicked on the sample ads button above, do so now so you can see the power of the 12SC I CAN

Now, let me be very clear on something.  The 12SC I CAN program is not a guaranteed sign up or guaranteed sales program.  They are nothing but scams as we have tested all we could find and not one worked--NOT ONE!

If you're looking for guaranteed sales, you might as well get off the Internet right now because there are no guarantees in business online or offline.  However, the only way to fully control your future is to build your Internet business and to do that you are going to have to advertise and invest in your business.

This service is extremely affordable because we are giving you the 12SC I CAN for free and others will soon pay $42 a month for the 12SC I CAN service alone and that will not include the 12SC tools.

Will you get sales and signups?  Absolutely you will because again advertising is the one service that everyone must have and advertising is the ONLY way to get sales and signups. 

And remember you will also get all the tools and resources in 12SecondCommute so you can better manage your growing business.

If you have read this page, you know that the 12SC I CAN program is designed to fully automate your online business.  You'll get advertising, tools and resources to run and manage your business and you'll get everything for only $14 a month.  Nothing else to buy, no fine print and all you do is sign up at 12SC below, upgrade at $14 a month and send us the link you want to have promoted.  That's it!

This is not something you ponder and come back to later.  This is not something you have to think about.  Now is the time to take action and get started and let the 12SC I CAN program take care of you. 

There is additional information below that you are welcome to read as we have absolutely nothing to hide from anyone.  Read it and then follow the steps below or just follow the steps below and get started right now today.

We will only sell these combo accounts for a short amount of time because once we launch the actual site, this offer ends and those who want both in the future will be $14 a month for 12SC and $42 a month for 12SC I CAN.  You can wait and pay $56 a month or secure both now for only $14 a month.

Remember, you get a price lock in of only $14 a month for as long as you stay and this includes all the powerful and mandatory tools in 12SC.

Step One:  Click on the Get Started Now button below and get your free trial account in 12SC

Step Two:  After you get your free account in 12SC, click on the upgrade link and upgrade your account at only $14 a month.  Don't put this off because you only have 24 hours to secure this rate and get both services included. 

Step Three:  After you have upgraded, fill in a contact us ticket at the 12SC site and send us the link you want to advertise.  Please make sure you verify the link and confirm it is correct before you send it to us as this will save both of us time.

Step Four:  Sit back and let the12SC I CAN program work for you.  That's it and that's all you need to do.

Additional Information on the 12SC I CAN

How do I know this will work for me?  If you have an online business and you believe in it, it will work.  You signed up for the program you're selling and others will as well, but they need to see it first and that's where the 12SC I CAN program comes in. We will send the traffic and prospects to your site in high enough numbers to make a positive difference.

You have to advertise your business or your business dies.  $14 a month for all we are giving you is an absolute bargain and since you must advertise anyway, why not invest your ad dollars someplace where you get much more than just advertising?  Yes, this will work for you.

I don’t have a current program, can I still get the 12SC I CAN?  If you’re not involved with something already, then you can make 12SC your main program and we will promote it for you.  12SC has a 3 level payout affiliate program and commissions are paid weekly.  One of the really cool things about it is that you can make money while at the same time be building your own prospect list and this will be done for you.

So sign up, upgrade and request the full system setup—details on this are in the members area but basically we will setup a customized capture page and Autoresponder including pre-written messages for you.  We will give you your own personal link and that will be the link you’ll use in the 12SC I CAN program.

How many sites can I promote with the 12SC I CAN?  Only one site per client is allowed.  The reason for this is so you can get the most exposure to your business.  If you take X number of visitors and divide it by another site, you will only get half the traffic to each site.

This is another mistake people make as they try and do too much.  Everyone is telling you to have multiple streams of income, but you cannot have multiple streams of income until you have one stream of income first.

Focus on one thing and get that business profitable and then move on to other things

No URL Rotators are allowed, so you either need to send us your main link or a tracking link and the tracking link is what we recommend.

What if the business I'm working shuts down or I want to change to another business?  You can change the URL we are promoting for you if the business shuts down or if you quit that business, but you are only allowed to change URL's once every 30 days for any other reason.

Remember, consistent advertising is the key to successful advertising.  Running one ad and not doing anything for weeks or months is not the answer and only running an ad in the 12SC I CAN for 30 days and then changing URL's is not the answer.  Stick with it and let good things happen for you and your business.

What kind of guarantee do you offer?  No reputable advertising service can offer a money back guarantee or sales and sign ups as there are just too many variables involved with advertising however we will stand behind our service with the following:

* We guarantee to get your site visited by qualified prospects and we will do this on a consistent and continuous basis.

* We guarantee that you will get more and better advertising as part of 12SC I CAN at only $14 a month than you can ever get on your own--even if you spent 10 times this amount of money on your own ads.

* We guarantee to support you and answer any questions you have.  You can contact us through our contact us support system or by phone (703) 560-1057.  We don't hide from anyone like most advertising services and we make ourselves available to our clients. 

The 12SC I CAN will work for you, but you need to give it a fair chance because as we tell you above, don't come in here and expect miracles or instant riches.  That is not the intent of this service and we are not going to insult your intelligence by trying to trick you into getting the service.

$14 a month is not much money--how can you do all this for that price?  By combining the efforts of many, we can get much more advertising than any one person ever could.

For example, let's say you wanted to buy advertising and you wanted to spend $14.  You could get a little advertising for that amount of money but not much.  But if you got 9 of your associates and you each contributed $14 you could now get $140 of advertising that you would all share.

When you buy advertising, the more you spend, the more you get.  Using these figures, it would cost you about $34 to get as much exposure alone as you get from sharing just $140 of advertising with 9 other people.

Imagine how far your $14 goes with our co-op and thousands of people participating.

Since we will be combining the efforts of many, you are going to get advertising with us that would cost you several hundred dollars a month to get on your own.

Can I try this for 30 days and see how it works?  You can, but don't.  You need consistent advertising and continuous advertising and while you will see traffic start hitting your page within about 48 hours of us getting your link, you need to give any advertising you do time to work for you. 

I don't want people who have the wrong mentality coming into the 12SC I CAN  program because quite honestly it costs us a lot more than $14 just to setup your campaigns.

We are not charging a setup fee and there will never be a cancellation fee, so if you're looking for immediate results, we will not be able to work with you because while you might very well see immediate results we cannot and will not promise that because lying to get your $14 does nobody any good.

You're building a business and you need to give your business time to build.  Google lost money for almost 6 years before they made a dime.  Amazon lost money for more than 8 years before they made money.  It won't take 6 or 8 years for you to see a return here, but too many people are trying to make money online who believe the hyped up sites telling them that they can make money in days or retire in months.  Those are scams and we will have no part in that kind of marketing.

If you’re not committed to succeeding online and you only want to jump from one thing to another every 30 days, please don’t waste your $14 or our time.  I told you at the top of this page that we are different from other places and I have no problem turning people down who think they are getting the world for $14 a month.

We’re not giving you lies.  We’re not giving you false hope.  We’re not giving you an instant money making promise.

We’re giving you a lot.  We’re giving you our best.  We’re giving you what you need.  We’re giving you the ability to have your business built for only $14 a month.

Anyone who doubts the 12SC I CAN program will not join, and they will continue floundering around the Internet while you sit back and watch your business grow.

Why should I join this now?  We will only offer accounts at $14 a month for a very limited time.  After we finalize the site, there will be no more accounts a this price and instead people will have to pay full price which will be $42 a month.

People will be begging for a spot in the 12SC I CAN because it is just what everyone working online needs to have.  Something that is affordable, extremely easy and necessary.

$14 a month is all you will ever pay for the 12SC I CAN and the 12SC system combined.  You’ll be one of the lucky ones locked in at this rate for as long as you stay and while $42 a month is still a great offer, why pay more?

The Internet is the future and working from home online is the ONLY way to secure your future, so by you investing a measly $14 a month into your business today, you will be rewarded greatly in the future and the rewards will never stop.

I had a 12SC account in the past, can I still join?  No, if you had a 12SC account in the last 2 years from today, you are not eligible to participate in the 12SC I CAN program.  Sorry, but there are no exceptions to this. 

What if I have other questions before I join?  Call Darryl Graham personally at 703-560-1057 with any additional questions.

The 12SC I CAN program is easy and affordable so get your account right now today and let us start working for you.  Invest in yourself and your business and start making the Internet work for you.

Just in case you missed the demo page, click on the button below to review it so you can see the full power of 12SC I CAN.  Then click on the Get Started Now button and let us start your advertising.

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